Saturday, September 10, 2016

snippet #3

So many years since I enveloped taoistic interpretations onto paper.  I ought return and I already have planned intentions of an approach.  In any case, I thought I'd share a simplified example of a snippet of getting to know Tao in my earlier years.  Hope this translates well for you:

And a more legible version of ch3:


Do not exalt the very gifted,
     And people will not contend.
Do not treasure goods that are hard to get,
     And people will not become thieves.
Do not focus on desires,
     And people's minds will not be confused.

Therefore, Evolved Individuals lead others by
     Opening their minds,
     Reinforcing their centers,
     Relaxing their desires,
     Strengthening their characters.

Let the people always act without strategy or desire;
     Let the clever not venture to act.
Act without action,
     And nothing is without order.
~translation by R.L. Wing

Chapter 6 appears legible enough I think.  Anyway, just a tangible example of reduction by simplicity.

In other news, I hope to take care of completing the task of cleaning the 'dining room' today.  And I was thinking to put my T'ai Chi Ch'uan studies on the back burner for a time, but my therapist told me yesterday that it's probably a good idea to keep involved with that practice, even with so much on my plate.  So.  I'm planning on resuming practice/study of that form at some point today.

I'm also starting to get into video games, which is nice and timely.  I'm generally happy about this  :)  I think so far, I've been primarily enjoying an SRPG on ps3, "Record of Agarest:  War Zero".  I'm also planning to start a first person dungeon crawler, in this case on PSTV (vita game).  I'm gonna attempt this one to be "Demon Gaze".  If that doesn't engage enough, I have a fallback I may mention if it comes to that.  Not sure what I may undertake with my Desktop.  I think probably a boring point-and-click adventure game:  I'm thinking the anniversary edition of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.  I played through its sequel a long time ago "The Beast Within", so I'd like to play the first story in the series.

Anyways, where does the time go.  Don't worry, I'll be returning to the ~peace's for now.  So take care peepz.


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