Saturday, September 3, 2016

upgrades for refinery #10

Well, I'm on my way to a pull-up, but I'm still fighting my damnedest against the bloody tower.  So this is my strategy I'm gonna seek to employ to keep up my tobacco pass-time.

First is a cigarette case, with some thinking involved.  It ought keep me in the right mindset, of the importance of each cigarette I smoke, respecting the damage they do, and respecting each one a bit more.  Here's some pics of the outside of the case:



Seemed a good choice, as far as amazon choices go.  About 7 bucks, from my cigarette funds...

My goal for these upgrades is to cut my smoking down to half a pack a day, at this point.  Yes, that is my stated intention as of now...  It'll prolly be just as hard as quitting cigs outright, but that's my plan.  ARG!

These are the cigarettes that I'd like to use with my goal of 10 cigs/day:
These are additive free.  Ingredients being 'organic tobacco' and 'organic menthol', as claimed at least, and these are the 'lite' variety.

Finally I'm gonna see about filtering them another step with the following filters:
a pack of 100 for something over 20 bux.  one filter is supposedly good for 10 cigs, so they fit with my plan/goal, I think.

Thus, my daily allowance should (hopefully VERY SOON) appear as the following:
Neat little package, imo.  I sure hope it helps my situation tho!!!

One other item of import that should arrive this Tuesday I think is this butt pouch, so I can refrain from littering.  Previously, I just shoved the spent butts back into the box, which I don't wanna do with my new setup...

Alright, so I dunno.  In my new relationship with this 'power tower' adversary, not exactly sure if this is fight or flight, or maybe something in between.  No matter, I got some cleaning to do today.

so ~peace out y'allz...

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