Friday, September 23, 2016

upgrades for refinery #11

I resist guilt for these upgrades.  I'm keeping the items smaller, and hopefully I'll be able to stray away from my past 'future-proofing' habits of the big ticket items, more so.  So let's see, where should I start in this ~catch-up type post...

How about here:

These two items have a specific purpose obviously, and they are serving their purpose very well so far.  I should have taken steps in this direction a ways back, but whatever.  Essentially, I've lived my life a mouth-breather, and I've always hated not being able to breath through my nose.  Such a futile struggle I fought, without taking some proper intelligible steps, until now...  So.  This past week, I've begun to employ these upgrades, and trying on a new guise, in these regards.  And I'm enjoying the ability very much so.

There is a notable advantage I'm taking advantage of already, which is allowing the tip of the tongue to rest in contact with the palate/roof of mouth.  This is a 'gate' in the Taoist realms that connects the functional and governor meridians (a path in the back / spine and a path in the front / involving organs and such), the lower 'gate', as it were, being the perineum.  What does this mean, well, it means I'm now able to approach day to day reality, with my meditative states more easily at hand.  And this is a good thing, in my opinion.

Hmmm, so what upgrade next, yar.  Let's see...

Another knife?  I must be returning to my past spending habits, ACK!  But "nay," I say, this too has purpose.  It's a double edge, which carries with it, my powers of focus and achievements with such devices.  And its more discrete than my latest 'good' pair of knives.  Thus, I am adding this, so far, to my at home casual attire.  This is to be around the house, inside, and out, as I deem ready.  This may be all the 'action' required to assert the 'double edged' aspect of my being into reality (the pattern, as I interpret it), although I am adaptable, tho I short-sight myself in these regards, at this point.  So casual at home wear, is this upgrade...

And more?  Yes, I've been essentially busy, I suppose.

I added some more adapted items to my home free time, which is having the noted effect of turning a lot of my free time at home into a training state of mind.  I won't snap pics of these, but I'll include a link if you want to check these upgrades out.  First up is a pair of Thai Fisherman Pants, which turn out to be absolutely fantastic in practice.  Mindset, roominess, there's a lot of subtleties to them for me.  So I'm happy about this upgrade.  And next, is a pair of shoes adapted well enough, as well, to a practice mindset, and are turning out to perform very well for their desired purpose.

The belt, I think I at least alluded to previously. I guess I'll link if for giggles  :P  I've come to like this Dickie's brand for the utility/functionality and the belts do not disappoint.  So the new belt is sized 36, has 7 holes, and upon checking earlier this evening, I was/am using the 4th/middle hole.  Older belts I have hanging in my closet are sized 42, 40, and 38, I suppose you could have guessed perhaps  :).  Yay for numbers, ya ?

Uhh, more? hmm...

I've been having quotes, from having read this back in college, flittering through my head for weeks now, and I knew exactly where these words originated from, so I was obviously drawn to owning another copy of this much beloved book again.  And so it is so.  Still love it, though I am appreciating it at different depths this time around, which is just beautiful! :)

An added blurb regarding this qigong book:  I've mentioned this book to a co-worker from my job, and further let her hold it and leaf through it, so after I finish this read-through, it'll be on loan to her, which I think is a win-win situation thing here.  YAY BOOKS  :D

And yes, another!  :)

Ironic, the highest regarded mentor I've encountered in my life considers himself of the Buddhist persuasion, and I've made it thus far without a serious inquiry in these matters.  So, this would be my intended foot in that door, and so far, I am enjoying it, but I don't feel like I've gotten to the meaty parts yet, unless its just wonderfully subtle like that with it's own inherent buddha-nature  ;)

Oh golly gee, what I am I getting myself into with this next item?  :x

"Leave no stone unturned" ?  Uhhh, mmm k.  I'm sort of saving opinions / ideas on this, but I'm curious how they approach the subjects of meditation, qigong, and their martial artist bents.  We shall see, yes.

Oh for the love of trees~~

 I do love trees, tho, and I love the current iteration of my ebook reader, which is the Nook GlowLight Plus.  I'd recommend it, I think.  I started on the nook side of readers, because right out the gate, they supported the 'epub' format, which for some reason, was my deciding factor.  The body/back is metal on this iteration, which doesn't have good grip, so I'd recommend a case like the foto'd solution.
I do ramble tho, here's a shot with the title being at the top of the page:  "The Three Ways of Tao: The Peaceful Warrior".  I think I recall this started in the Italian language, and from my recollections, I did not find the english version in physical form, but I don't mind it as digital (tho illustrations suck  :( ).  In any case, this book is effectively blowing my mind.  But in a totally good and connected way.  Good stuffs, ya'lls  :)

 Dear, sheese, let  that be the end ?  I really shouldn't procrastinate these posts/updates.  I do apologize, but I do have one more noteworthy upgrade.  :x

An interval timer, as they are called.  Of all the noted upgrades in this post, I consider this one to be most expensive, all things considered.  I'm brainstorming uses for it, but I can say, it is succeeding at improving my meditation sessions so far, as no more venturing a glance at my watch.  It allows for beeps, with two volume settings, as well as a vibration option.  So far, no complaints.

Sorry for the long post.  I'll try to be more diligent about sharing what I deem shareable in a more timely and slimmed down fashion.

But either way, till next time, ~peace be with ya  :)

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