Tuesday, October 11, 2016

health update #9

Well, I'm not gonna do a weigh-in for this.  As far as the weight thing, I'm a bit discouraged.  To those ends, I think I'm going to have to return to monitoring my caloric intake.  I'll probably return to the MyFitnessPal app on my phone, which has shown success in the past.

Anyhow, I'm making progress in the scheme of things, relating to health.  Namely, I've been working at making a qigong/meditation session a daily thing, more or less.  It's just 2 qigong exercises currently, which I took from that 'Shaolin' book that I recently added to my collection.  And immediately following those 2 exercises is roughly a 10 minute sitting meditation (zazen), usually adding up to around a 20 minute session.  Just this, is really having an overall positive effect for me, I think.  I'll share some examples.

I'm starting to learn more about my breathing, more aware and involved in the process.  I tend to be able to breath deeper and slower, in a more regular pace, when my mouth is closed and I am breathing through my nose, which I'm enjoying lately.  There's different types of breathing that I am exploring, one notable being 'reverse abdominal breathing', in which you compress your abdomen on inhale, and relax/expand it during exhale.  I suppose this skips the step of deep abdominal breathing.  If you tend to breath by expanding/relaxing your chest, you'd want to first lower that to your abdomen.

I'm starting to think of my abdominal breathing, in general, as a generator for energy, when I employ deep breathing, consciously.  It's quite interesting, how the muscular/skeletal structure, is all tied to this 'center of gravity' area of the 'tan tien'.  In this regard, during the sitting meditations, following the qigong, my conscious breathing is teaching me to be more aware and involved with my posture.  It's quite interesting, allowing my breathing to make little adjustments and suggestions in how I carry myself.

I guess, also in regards to breathing, I am developing a more aware attentiveness.  Not sure how to really explain this, but it feels better and more natural when I am tending to an activity.  I guess 'focus' could be one word applied.  Anyway, moving on I suppose.

The qigong exercises are quite simple.  But I've been noticing, specifically, how my back muscles, involving my spine, are attached and involved with my arms.  Such that, if I work on my arm strength, I also notice it in my back, and whatnot.  As well, the qigong is also helping to develop my posture, as well as my body being rooted to the floor.  Currently, though, I am having an issue with my left foot, in the 'ball' area.  I wore through the stock insoles in my shoes, in that area, and that really messed my foot up a couple weeks ago.  I'm on my second set of insoles, trying to fix this, but I'm already planning to try a third insole in this vane.  I dunno if it's noticeable, but I'm avoiding limping by pushing through the pain.  Limping is a bad idea, as well, or trying to avoid the ball of my foot, such as putting weight on the outer edge of the foot, I don't need more foot pain, blah.

Anyway, this means I haven't been doing any jumping of rope.  But I'll figure out a solution soon I hope, and when foot thing is resolved, I'm planning to implement that jump rope in a hopefully, somewhat daily fashion.

So, today has been a good day:  I did a qigong/meditation session before work, and also this evening.  After the evening's session, I did a few sets of pushups, some dumbell 'curls' I guess they're called (only 10lbs, but I'm tending well enough to them), some power tower interaction, which led to some enjoyable tidying!  :x...

So, I guess I'll try to re-initialize that counting calories tomorrow.  Sounds like a good idea.  I suppose even if I just count too many calories, its a step in the right direction, and I'll have a better idea on how to proceed.

Welp, I suppose that's all for now, folks.

'Till next time, ~peace!