Sunday, November 20, 2016

currents #2

I suppose I haven't made a post in some time.  I've got a lot swirling around in my head of late, and perhaps this post may provide a slice of centering for me.  Couldn't hurt I think.  Like the last 'currents' post, I'm gonna share my books I'm 'carrying' and maybe ramble a bit on something, we'll see  :)

Well this is the lot of them, for now...

By/so far, my favorite translation of the Tao te Ching.

I've included a pic/blurb about this previously, and I gotta finish this read thru at least.

My trusty nook, well, at least it's nifty cover  :P  The idea, is to increase my fiction intake with this.  Tho I also have non-fiction on here, of course, hehe.

I am most interested in embarking into this book.  The same translator as the 'The Tao of Power', you may have noticed.  This being his interpretation of Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'.  He proposes a year long option of tackling this, which I have chosen as my approach.  Hopefully I can keep it up.  52 passages, to be reflected upon, one per week.  I am utilizing the wonderful Evernote /web version/ to record notages for each week.

Suppose a blurbage by-way, to satisfy my centering desire on this blog thing.

I am beginning to strongly desire a better mode of living.  I feel very frustrated in this 'living-with-parents' mode I'm currently in.  It's just too messy.  I've expended a lot of energy, in heavy cleaning sessions, in several rooms in this house, and really put more than a dent in more than 50% of the problem.  But its a hopeless cause.  I've tried shedding light on my father's role in the problem, but his stance is essentially "I'm too old to fix my ways, don't try to change me."  Which then follows him ordering me to clean up his mess.  Like wtf...  I clean, and 1 week later, you've completely undid my work, and its my job to fix it again?  I'm trying to 'keep a calm composure' and maintain the spaces I can find peace and clean and order within, and setting some boundaries as far, at least, as not volunteering any of my available energies to keep his problems in check.  Whatever, so of late, this 'strategy' book is providing a bit of clarity.  In interpersonal conflicts, sometimes you just gotta change the situation.  So, I need to seek self sustainability, or at least make the best effort I can into this direction.  For this, I need more money.  More hours in my current occupation will not be the solution I am looking for.  I've got it in mind, to make an attempt at doing the 'education thing' again, and try on a 'Pharmacy Technician' avenue.  At least, that's my current idea that has has popped up in my world, which a current co-worker is seeking to do already.

So now, what do I need to do to make this happen...  Well, I need to re-appropriate my spendable income.  Keep the maintenance items and consumables in order.  Limit the big ticket items, and postpone the ones I keep.  Pay off my /credit/ type debts.  And be responsible with my 'occasional chunks' of money:  like a bonus-type thing sometime in December with work, and tax return next year.  So at least in my awareness space, that I am sharing this from now, this strategy book is helping a lot, by daily reflecting, and if nothing else, keeping me focused on caring about my life, dangit.

I wanna just flow a tad, with free form/style thoughts in these spaces...

more tea / less coffee
maintain nicotine habit for now / don't stress about quitting
daily meditation
daily qigong
inspired moments of exercise / more mirrors
dentist, damnit
less calories / more water
less luxuries / more practical, budget minded choices
less devices / more content
less shortcuts / be more helpful
less rush / more mindful awareness

I'm either crazy or sane, but I'm gonna try to be determined either way.  This is what happens with over a month between posts, I guess.  Chaos!  :P

Well take a deep ~peaceful~ breath, in..... out, "aaaaaaaaaahh".  Thank you for stopping by.


Apparently, R.L. Wing is a woman.  My apologies!  :x