Saturday, August 5, 2017

points in time and space #1

Considering a /maybe trial run/ of ramping up blog posts here again.  I'm meandering through budget type books and minimalism stuff, which seems to be having a more/less decent effect on my approach to my life/style i guess.  I've been keeping up a fairly daily habit of taoistic ruminations, and, not to sound too weird, I'm kinda feeling a bit more at home and natural in my skin and surroundings.  Here's a current focal point in my bedroom which has been having a good influence on letting go of/ donating things, as well as processing and taking care of items (tasks, like):

Within past week, I've donated some tech gadgets, such as:  old webcam, old ps/2 kb I don't suppose I'll ever need again.  An old nook hd+ tablet that I had rooted and had cyanogenmod (think vanilla android) working on, and factory reset, for another owner to enjoy hopefully.  Mouse, I really don't need 2 spares, so...  I did destroy one tablet I got frustrated while attempting to wipe (it wasn't charging, surge accidentally was switched off, need be more mindful!).  Gave a foldable bt kb to my dad.  I guess that's a close enough summary of some cleaning out stuffish.

I had done a little pen and ink (nibs and ink bottle) sketch somewhat recently, And I started off this new space by adding some color, with water color pencils.  I still have yet to see what adding some water may finish it off like.

Now that I look at this style, its a common style I had used during some crazy/rough patches in college, tho revived in a different tenor.  I like the idea of something like a flower/bud sort of energy bursting through something rough like rocky/ground, all the while adorned with some nasty sharp thorns.  I think it may represent...  actually, perhaps more labels would hinder the process at this point.

Well, this post was neat on my end.  Came together via a budget tablet (amazon fire tablet, dang if I didn't already get rid of an iPad Air!  hehe)  I had the pics on my older /still nice/ canon camera.  For the picture transfer tho, my camera was still loaded with a full sized sd card, which won't play with my tablet so much.  But I discovered an older mini usb port on my camera.  And at some point in my consumerism idealistic haze, I was trying to connect a ps3 controller (ds3) to my cell phone, and had a very short, 6 inch OTG cable (mini to micro usb), which, aHa, fit the physical components of a connection between tablet and camera.  And lo and behold, I found the cable, and it did in fact work.  I ramble, but this is the sort of techy junk that can entertain my brain at times.

So, I dunno how far I may be interested to follow this tao flavoured minimalist path.  But no matter, whether I get rid of more stuff, or just start buying less, or some reasonable lifestyle updates at any rate...  I'll at least be able to keep up the blog posts with a budget tablet, if at that extreme, I ever find myself without a pc to harness.

Ok, so where does such a post fit on this blog  :P

*rummages through frayed threads*  erm, looks like this post is worth a new thread, so many threads!  :x

till next time, keep up the good fight, fellers

Sunday, July 16, 2017

reflections and observations #8

Just some mentions about my recent mindednesses.  I'm struggling to engage video games, as is habitual I guess.  I'm trying to adjust to a tighter budget, and make more mindful and wise choices.  (less income, higher health insurance premiums, rent went up).  yadda yadda yadda.  I have a desire to purge some possessions, but I'm having trouble rationalizing it.  As in, logic of keeping, vs peace of mind in letting go, of fill-in-the-blank.  I'm rolling around the idea in my head, of sensory inputs having influence or at least some 'effect' on my person.  What movie I may watch, or book I may read, e.g. "fiction or non-fiction tonight?"  Pr0n, I'd be curious to discover if there's any validity in keeping this sensory pasttime, hmm.  Life does seem to be simpler without a 'bonafide' significant other.  In fact, recently I decided not to indulge impulses of wanting to 'pursue' for purpose of courtship/mate.

And I think I do desire to resume my practices of visceral real experience.  hehe, lovely words ya?  Meditation.  qi-gong.  tai-chi.  yoga.  handling/dancing my double edge possessions.  I dunno.  "Meaning" sometimes flitters in and out of my awareness, on things, it seems.

Well.  I'll also note my desire to seriously break open this Java programming book, and hopefully, Finally Get A Handle on this "object-oriented" nonsense.  And there's more or less a goal to shoot for in this vane.

And...  blah.  Go figure  :x

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

snippet #4

And hello, again.  I've taken some time to withdraw my energies from the online spaces for a time, but I'm feeling an inspiration arising to return to these spaces, for another go.  I've in mind to take this slow, perhaps, and to find a /flow/ that suits me.  Well, I decided to make my 'return' to this blog, a snippet post, as I had a bit of creativity to share, from around the time I took some online /silent/ time, give or take'ish.  Anyway, here is it:

Maybe catch-up to current in the posts ahead, I'm thinking.

So lets see what happens, yar  :P

And ~peace to you too!