Sunday, July 16, 2017

reflections and observations #8

Just some mentions about my recent mindednesses.  I'm struggling to engage video games, as is habitual I guess.  I'm trying to adjust to a tighter budget, and make more mindful and wise choices.  (less income, higher health insurance premiums, rent went up).  yadda yadda yadda.  I have a desire to purge some possessions, but I'm having trouble rationalizing it.  As in, logic of keeping, vs peace of mind in letting go, of fill-in-the-blank.  I'm rolling around the idea in my head, of sensory inputs having influence or at least some 'effect' on my person.  What movie I may watch, or book I may read, e.g. "fiction or non-fiction tonight?"  Pr0n, I'd be curious to discover if there's any validity in keeping this sensory pasttime, hmm.  Life does seem to be simpler without a 'bonafide' significant other.  In fact, recently I decided not to indulge impulses of wanting to 'pursue' for purpose of courtship/mate.

And I think I do desire to resume my practices of visceral real experience.  hehe, lovely words ya?  Meditation.  qi-gong.  tai-chi.  yoga.  handling/dancing my double edge possessions.  I dunno.  "Meaning" sometimes flitters in and out of my awareness, on things, it seems.

Well.  I'll also note my desire to seriously break open this Java programming book, and hopefully, Finally Get A Handle on this "object-oriented" nonsense.  And there's more or less a goal to shoot for in this vane.

And...  blah.  Go figure  :x