Wednesday, March 7, 2018

currents #3

Oh for the love of absences.  Been subdued and keeping my outputs to a minimum for a good time now.  Reading bits of 'self-help' non-fictions and Taoist materials.  Minimalism and budget minded stuffs.  Just finished a great book (minus the workbook stuff at end) by a Laurence G. Boldt, "The Tao of Abundance: Eight Ancient Principles for Abundant Living",which I would recommend if your interested in such things.  Also slowly accumulating bits and pieces towards a new hobby I'd like to take up.  Beading based jewelry/arts.  I've got some beads, needles, thread, a book for beading jewelry for beginners, as well as a book on esoteric talismans and such, "The Tao of Craft" by a Benebell Wen.  I'm so excited by the Tao/Craft book I'm finding myself at an odd/hesitant point of getting into it, for being so excited.  I don't know, that happens sometimes  :P.  In any case, I am planning to jump into some simple beading projects once I add one last item(s), which is a tray/mat solution to keep my beads from escaping my workspace.

That's maybe something to keep in mind/aware of, tho, personally.  That hesitation stemming from enthusiasm.  Happens a bit before I start/resume an artwork session too.  Maybe see about ways to lesson that anticipation or perhaps ways to just set myself into a task, regardless.  Anyway, here's one piece of artwork I managed to complete somewhat recently:

Among other things I could be mentioning, is a direction/goal orientation to implement, in relation to quality of life/ health stuffs.  I'm currently thinking/focusing on dopamine as results to less than wise lifestyle elements.  I've long been aware I have an addictive personality, which sucks, to a degree.  So some things I'd like to resolve with this 'dopamine' focus are like: cut out the pr0n/fapping;  reduce the cigarette smoking/till i can quit them altogether;  cut down on caffiene (an idea to replace coffee/energy drinks with green tea for example);  cut out the sugar/junk food element;  and add some of the good elements, like:  healthier foods, exercise, DAILY (for the love of pete) meditation;  and in the same vane, a daily qigong practice.  I've also found in my research, that activity/ goal completion comes with some of the reward/dopamine response, so essentially staying on top of the basic stuff (paper work, making bed, putting away laundry, basically keeping my personal foot print(s) well in order).

Of course the beading and other forms of artwork are intrinsically rewarding, so hopefully I can make them more of a regular part of my life.  Oh and this blog  :)  I know, it's been awhile since I've kept this little thing up, but hopefully I'll keep this up and we will see what happens this time around.

Guess that's more or less a reasonable update, imo.

Till next time, ~peace, yalls

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