Friday, December 14, 2018

debt free...

and deliberate.

At this current point in time, I have nothing in my sights, materialistically speaking, nothing to strive to acquire.  Nothing to add to my situation.  Got a library card/membership recently.  Add the fact I have a kindle ebook reader already, I'm still getting into the groove of having so much legit reading available.

Wow, nothing in my sights?  No shiny new 'thingies' to acquire, what is the world coming to.  Well, I've added 'dusting' to my routines, at least in the spaces I've claimed within the house I share with parents.  Still gotta tend to the bathroom (that's the plan for today, yar).  Simplifying/minimalizing is not so overrated, imo.

Not looking for coherency all at once on here, for now.  But I'm still doing, so let's keep on keeping on.